Information about Ombrellos BeerMarket



After level 4 lockdown (this will be in the history books) Michelle and I realised that there had to be a way to still show beers to the world. that has always been our missions. So I came up with this idea, a marketplace that offers the beers "directly from the source" so that you can enjoy in the comfort of your bubble. and we do you one better, they will sell it to you directly to your home. 

Not only can you buy beautiful beer from the most amazing brewers but you can also contact them directly, right here! same as we do. nothing we love more than sitting down and listen to them talk about their beers. 

Please note: as they sell their beers, we have checked their off licence details, if you are a brewer you do have to have a valid licence and food plan, if you don't you have to be endorsed  under a licensed supplier to do so.

Yours in beer!